UltraGuard Plus – Bad Idea

I know you all love your pets as much as we love ours, so I wanted to share my recent ?pet horror story? with you in order to prevent it from happening to anyone else?s pets.

The other night I remembered that I hadn?t put any flea and tic drops on our cats. It was late, but one of those things I knew if I didn?t do right then, I?d forget to do. Since the pet store was closed, I ran to Wal-Mart and bought the most expensive alternative I could find ? which was Hart UltraGuard flea and tic drops.

My cats reacted as if I was hurting them ? but I just figured it was because they hated that I was holding them down to apply it. Within 30 minutes, they were both vomiting. They vomited for three days straight?were very lethargic and ?dizzy.? Their skin (where the product touched) seemed irritated. When I called the vet, they said that dogs and cats are brought in all the time due to Hartz drops ? some have seizures, others lose hair, some have burnt skin, some have kidney damage, etc. HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE!!! There are a lot of lawsuits ? but for some reason it isn?t enough to make the FDA take it off the shelves. I also spoke with a manager at local pet store and she confirmed that it happens often. (They do not sell Hartz drops.) Worst of all ? she said they rarely even work.

Co-workers who I?ve mentioned this to have told me similar horror stories about Hartz products. One girl’s dog?s hair fell out immediately and its skin welted up. Another’s dog had seizures. Another friend?s dog got serious welts all over its body, which took several days to go away. I wish I had known?.I felt sooo horrible. My cats aren?t eating very well yet, but are eating again ? which is good.If I need to use something, I will stick to Advantage, Frontline or Revolution (as we have in the past). The pet store manager told me that pets have similar bad reactions to Zodia products (??)

FYI?I did call Hartz. They said that cats get into many things and I can?t be positive that it was the medicine that caused my cats to get sick. Although, my cats are indoor cats and do not get ill often (if they do, it is because they ate a toy mouse). Apparently this is always the reply when people complain to Hartz. It would be my personal opinion not to use Hartz products. I use to think of Hartz as a respectable company that looked out for the welfare of animals.

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