A Cat Story

By Carolyn Mansur

My daughter Crystal is the master animal care provider in our home, we have two dogs, four goats, and one cat. Kindel is a small cat one year old, a good mouser, multi-colored and playful. I asked Crystal to give the animals a dose of flee drops, she was careful to give each animal the proper amount and follow instructions. This was the evening of the 22nd May 2006. All is well we went to bed. . .

Kindel scratch on my bed then jumped up, I thought there was a earthquake the whole bed started to shiver. I touched Kindel, realizing it was she who was shivering. I quickly got up to see what was going on. I felt the back of her neck the damp flee drops has absorbed. Instinctively, I realized she wad having a reaction to the drops so I immediately washed her off with warm soapy water. She started to convulse, I was nearly in tears.

I woke Crystal, and we went to the kitchen to read the Hartz Flee and Tick Drops for Kittens and Cats under 7lbs. Box. It was confirmed the Hartz Drops has caused the problem. My next step was to get her into the vets, the problem is it’s 1:30am in the morning, no vet is open in our area. And now Crystal is not feeling well, flue like symptoms. ?Oh my gosh I have killed my whole family!? Crystal went back to bed, grumpy and tired, I stayed up with the Kindel, taking her back to bed with me.

She shivered all night, her mouth was clicking open and closed, her big dark eyes stared at my bagging for help. I felt honorable, I caused this. As I sat awake, I realized that I am witnessing is a reaction to nerve gas poisoning. This is what people will be doing after a nerve gas terrorist attack. Now I felt panicky, could this be what our government is trying to avoid. Mass nerve gas poisoning on a wide scale. ?Oh my gosh!?

About 3:30 Kindel has a massive convolution then flat lined, she was still, not breathing, it was then end. I felt relieved she was out of massive pain. I started to cry,. Several seconds later one foot started to twitch again, she was back to massive tremors. Another hour passed 4:30 a repeat of 3:30, she must be dead now! Once again she starts with the massive tremors! I can’t handle this any longer I set Kendal down and I leave to lay down elsewhere. I do not feel well flue like, I think it’s because of the stress.

5:30 Kindel is still alive somewhat quieter, she can control her head as she hears me move around, I turn the light on to check on her, Another massive convolution, the lights are over stimulating Crystal is now up and holding her tightly. We have to wait another hour and a half for the vets to open! What a honorable night.

Off to the vets at 6:45, I knock on the door, we are let in. I relay what is happening, the technician is not at all surprised, she quickly takes Kindel to the back room. Several minutes later she said the Doctor has authorize a specific treatment, and Kindel’s condition is guarded, and even after treatment she may die. Estimated cost over $700.00. I’m a single mother, I caused this, I am responsible so I sign. I head off to work sick with worry for Kindel and now for financial, why did I sign? I can’t afford this.

A honorable night turns into a honorable day. I call the vet’s at 11:00 Kindel is holding her own. The technician asks me if I knew Hartz flee and tick products has been recalled. I am stunned! When was it recalled, where did I buy it from, when did I buy it, how is it possible I used a recalled product??? Griff and anguish turns into anger!

My research begins; I am stunned more stunned then I have every been in my life. As a mother, foster mother, and teacher I have experienced many surprising things, but this one takes the cake! This repeated torment has been going on since 2000, it is six years later and I have to go through it all because a company Hartz does not give a crap about animals! $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Well you (Hartz) owe me $460.00, for vet bills, I expect payment on receipt of this letter!

To think, a company would dig themselves a six year hole and climb in! To think this is what nerve gas terrorism looks like. To think this is what Hartz looks like!

1.I will never ever buy another Hartz product ever again. Except for evidence that the recalled formula is still on the market alive and well to cause continued, and extensive torment!
2.I have called cooperate WalMart and requested all Hartz products be taken off the shelves.
3.I have told a WalMart customer whom had a hand full of Hartz in her hands what happened to my cat.
4.I told the store manager!

5.I told the staff at work and strongly advised them never to use Hartz products.
6.I have signed an on-line petition against Hartz.
7.I have advised all family members to never use Hartz products again!
8.I need to research the on going class action law suit!
9.That’s a six year hole! I should charge Hartz for Kindel’s shovel.

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