Hartz says we’re all stupid.

Message: I called in to Hartz today to complain about their product poisoning my pet. The woman, Mandy who said she was a veteranary nurse, took my name, address and info. Then she asked for my cat’s name. I asked her how she knew the poisoned animal was a cat as I hadn’t told her that. She said that most of the people who call are cat owners. I then asked why the product is still on the market if they’ve gotten so many calls. She then said that there are very few calls, but that the ones they get are usually from cat owners. I told her that both of my vets said that they’ve seen many cases of this poisoning, and that there were thousands of complaints that I’ve seen on line. She said “If you’re talking about the people who write in on Hartzvictims.com (I’m sure she meant org), I’ve spoken with most of them and it turns out that their pet problems weren’t related to Hartz products, rather they were due to the people misusing Hartz products by not reading the instructions or overdosing their animals. I just thought some of the members might like to know how stupid Mandy at Hartz thinks they are. Maybe they’d like to correct her (800) 275-1414.

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