I should have researched for my dogs sake…..

Seven days ago I was shopping in Walmart purchasing dog food and items. I saw the Hartz Flea and Tick drops and decided to buy it for my three dogs. I applied the medication on Tuesday to all three dogs, a four year old and two eight month old pups. On Thursday my niece who happens to be my neighbor was telling me how sick her puppy had been all day Wednesday and during the night. She was constantly vomiting and dry heaving. She began giving her milk thinking it might help settle her stomach. This seem to subside late Thursday and she started to act like her normal self Friday. (By the way her puppy is the full sister to my two puppies and they play a lot together) On Saturday my older dog began dry heaving and I had noticed several wet spot areas in my garage where my dogs have full access to stay. I began talking to my sister and worried about them possibly getting into rat poision in the area since we live in a farming district. We also thought it may be possible they ate something that just did not agree with them. It was then I remembered putting the flea and tick drops on the dogs. I immediatly searched the internet and found this wed site. My heart sank when I saw all the devastation this product has caused. I have no doubt what happened to our dogs was caused by the drops and I immediately bathed the dogs heavily in Dawn dishwashing fluid. They seem to be doing OK, but I keep my fingers crossed that I have not caused them any long term illnesses.

Advice for CatCrazy

This is in response to CatCrazy’s story ” OH-NO… I’m feeding my kittens Hartz Milk Replacement Formula”

Let me first say that I’m not an expert, but I did raise a very healthy tabby which I found when he was around 1 week of age (the mother was a stray that had been hit by a car). I fed the kitten warm goat’s milk, at the advice of a local vet, using a tiny baby doll bottle with a rubber nipple (after I punctured three holes in the end with a needle)

I found the goats milk in the local health food store.

I hope this helps your little ones.

OH-NO… I’m feeding my kittens Hartz Milk Replacement Formula

After four weeks of tireless efforts to befreind a georgeous cream seal point stray, atlast, she was mine. I named her Deja Blue- because while biking through our new neighborhood we saw her several times, and she had the most incredible siamese slanted, blue as the ocean eyes. She was desperate to be loved and love she found. In such a short time she had wrapped herself around my heart!

It became obvious after a week of good meals that she would have kittens -and soon! One sunday evening my neighbor came to tell me Deja was in her garage, and asked me to come and see. Their garage is almost always open and full of recreation and excitement and a tinkering husband. I followed and found; her tinkering husband, a noisy fan on high, the radio on fullblast, neices and nefews, nooks and crannys but, no Deja. I found her behind their airconditioner, between our houses about an hour after the street fell quiet. After some coaxing she followed me to my front portch. Deja was stressed and we both knew it would not be long. I left her for a moment and went inside. After ushering my two indoor cats to closed bedroom, dimming the lights and opening the door to the garage, Deja happily followed me into the garage to bed down.

Amazingly she still purred to me inbetween births. Her second kitten was still born and she allowed me to remove it after some petting and stroking which she insisted on. After a little more help, she had four healthy beautifull babies. She also had a terrible uterin infection. And, despite all efforts to save her including a much stressed trip to the vet, she passed away. I cried for a week.

And now I was responcible for Deja’s helpless five day old kittens. Before her fatal trip to the vet, I purchaced Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens. My vet didn’t ask me what kind of formula I had purchased and her kittens seemed fine. My vet advised me to keep them warm enough. As they can’t yet regulate their own body temperatures until they are about three weeks old and, feeding a cold kitten would surely result to its death. Make the milk luke warm for easy digestion. Keep their little bellies full… about a tablespoon every three to four hours a day should do the trick. And check their hydration in their scruff. Help them eliminate after every meal and call me if they don’t have a bowel movement…. good luck ,at least her legacy lives on in these little guys.

Deja’s kittens are now three weeks old. I’v been feeding them the Hartz formula the whole time, and it’s starting to get expensive. So hoping to find a printable coupon on their web sight, I logged on and googled Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens. I shuddered and gasped at what came up… Kittens die from Hartz Milk Replacement. My kids, husband and I can’t bear to lose the babies too! I searched the archive here and read everything I could find.

Now, I’m horrified and, I don’t know what to do! The kittens are thriving and, purring happy playfull little blessings. They have even doubled in size. They seem fine but, i’m so scared to think they could die from what I’m feeding them! All the stories I read involved switching formulas and as an experienced mom of three myself… we had formula nightmares! Changing formulas and the types of proteins is very hard on little childrens bodies. I could only imagine that it pushes the metabolizim of a tiny kitten to far. I don’t know what to do. I’m really scared to switch formulas now. I’m going to keep an even more vigilent watch over them now. Has anyone had success with the Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens????

I’m going to check with the vet. I’ll keep you posted on the kittens progress, and prayerfully it will remain progress!!!

Sincerely, CatCrazy

A Night at the Vet’s

I just returned home frome the vet’s office where I was told that my dog, Primo was having a reaction to Hartz flea and tick spray. Primo is a 2 year-old, 22 pound cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix who plays like a 6 month-old puppy. Earlier today my husband and I took Primo with us for a hike. After coming home, I found a tick on myself and soon discovered that Primo was covered in them (60-70 ticks!). We got all of the ticks off (hopefully) and sprayed him with Hartz Flea and Tick spray. Within hours, Primo who usually is running around the house or playing with his toys was laying down trembling, licking his mouth. I went online and found this site. Thank God! I took Primo to the vet where the told me to wash him with Dawn dish detergent because its supposedly the only soap that gets the pesticide off). Well, after a good wash and dry, Primo was back to his normal hyper self. I just hope that the Hartz didn’t cause any further damage as this was the third time that Hartz was used on him.

And, at the vet, the tech told me that she sees cats come in all the time convulsing because of the products. The owners spend around $1,200 on the cat and the cats sometimes don’t make it (50/50).

Hartz bottles should say FLEA, TICK, and PET KILLER.

Get this crap off of the shelves!

This Site Saved My Pets Lives

I have two cats: one named stuart (male) and one named misty (female). I also have a black lab/shepard mix named fluffy (also female) I had fluffy on HARTZ flea drops last year with no reprocutions (thankfully) and my dad bought a HARTZ 3 in 1 flea collar for cats that we were about to put on. I found an article with a picture on an image hosting site telling about a person who’s cats died because of HARTZ spray that his cats ingested when sprayed on the cats bed. It said to do a search of HARTZ KILLED MY CAT on google, this was the first result. We have since thrown the collar away and my cats are safe. I just want to thank you for all the work you’ve done to spread the word. because you’ve saved my cats lives.

My Border Collie, Ringo, is gone after the flea spray

Hi Everyone. In September 2005 I posted to this site about my dog, Ringo (post below). After 2 months of being in and out of the hospital, feeding him liquified dog food using a needleless syringe, and other continued symptoms, Ringo seemed to be on the mend! He was finally walking straight and his eyes stopped darting back and forth. He was on steriods permanently though. He’d have his good days and bad, had a few hospital check ups, and still occasionally ran into things.

The vet said that the Hartz had caused serious liver, heart and lung damage. He said it was only a matter of time before his conditions became too bad and we’d have to put him to sleep. Ringo started going downhill a couple of months ago. It was a slow process, but we were preparing ourselves for the day that we’d have to put him to sleep. We were going to do it in a couple of weeks. He was constantly bumping into things, couldn’t hold his bowel movements, was getting pretty weak, and threw up occasionally.

Yesterday Ringo was outside playing in the backyard. My mother left him outside for about 15 minutes. When she went outside, she found him in the pool. He was already dead. When I got to the house and went outside to his body, I saw that he was bleeding from his head. It was a really serious wound. We think that he probably tripped over something and ran straight into the concrete that surrounds the diving board and just sort of fell into the pool and died there.

Now I know that this death didn’t occur directly from the Hartz flea spray we used, but the only reason that Ringo was even in this condition was because of the spray. He was a perfectly heathly dog before. This was a result of a Hartz product.

My heart goes out to all of you who have lost your pets in this senseless manner. It’s tough. I miss my precious little Ringo so much…

Last night we put Hartz flea and tick spray on my 12 year old Border Collie, Ringo. When we woke up this morning we realized that poor Ringo had been sick all night. He had diarrhea and threw up all over the place. He also couldn’t walk straight at all. Poor thing, he tried to walk to us and he would just kind of fall over and have what looked like little seizures. Also his eyes darted from left to right and couldn’t stay focused on anything. We took him to the vet and now he’s staying there getting some treatment through an IV. The vet said that this is much more common in cats than dogs and that the normal treatment time would be 24-48 hours. But we live in the Houston area and Hurricane Rita is about to blow through here, so Ringo can’t stay there for very long today before the vet clears all of his patients out of the building.

Another victim of Hartz Flea & Tick

Little did I know that so many other pet owners have gone through what we went through yesterday! I had bought some Hartz Advanced Care flea treatment last summer on sale, and I figured I would stray from my usual Frontline. (big mistake) I applied one tube of flea killer on each of our two cats, both 1 year old boys. Several hours later, my son noticed that one cat, Rascal, was twitching. when I went to look at him, I was shocked to see what appeared to be seizure activity. Being that it was 5:00 on a Friday, I figured we better get this cat to the vet right away, and rushed him in. The vet was not at all surprised and said that she sees cats react to Hartz Flea medicine often – she knew just what to do. After spending $150 there, the cat needed to go to an overnight emergency clinic to moniter any more seizure activity. Thankfully, he did well and we picked him up this morning and brought him home. He is very tired, but no more shaking and twitching.
I am so angry that Hartz has sold this poison for years without any repurcussions. I would at least like to recover my vet expenses – has anyone ever had any luck with getting Hartz to cover the cost of the treatment to save the cat’s life??? This is an outrage.

Hartz is poison to people too

Last week I started getting this itchy place on my arm where I had a scratch. At first I thought the scratch was just infected, then it swelled up. Then it spread and got yellow fluid under. After a while it itched and burned like mad and spread to about a 4″ area. It had yellow fluid under it, red around it and was all puffed up. I thought it was some kind of plant I’d touched.

I kept getting more red places that itched that weren’t quite as bad. I wasn’t touching any plants, but it kept spreading.

I have pictures.

I almost went to the hospital since I have a heart condition and it really looked like some kind of bad staph infection.

I finally narrowed it down to the dog I was taking care of. I remembered that the moron that owned her had put Hartz flea and tick preventative on her last year. I told him it was poison, but obviously he didn’t listen.

I talked with him on the phone and sure enough he had used it. So I started wearing rubber gloves when I went in his house and sure enough no more spots. The spots got larger and larger and now are chemical burns. It doesn’t seem to have effected the dog though. I can’t believe how stupid some people are!

nature’s gold (Hartz) killed my hamster

Nature’s Gold is another sub company of Hartz. I haven’t contacted them yet about the death of my hamster due to their product. I purchased nature’s gold “premium small animal bedding” which has pine and chlorophyll (inside has green and yellow pine shavings). It states on the back of the plastic packaging that it’s product is for other small animals, including specifically, hamsters.

I took my dead hamster back to the pet shop and was told that it was due to the bedding. It gives them respiratory problems and so my hamster died, curled up in the bedding that killed him. I just want all to know that this product, that’s still out there and being sold, will kill your hamster. Just watch out and be leery of any product and sub-companies that’s made and affiliated with Hartz.

6 lb. adult shih tzu gets skin infection

My small sized adult shih tzu named Madison recently ran out of her Advantage, and I decided to save some money and order it online from Petshed.com because it’s much easier and cheaper. Well, somehow she got fleas and was constantly itching herself before the Advantage came in. I started to feel bad for her so I went to Petsmart to look for a flea shampoo to hold her over until her Advantage showed up in the mail. While looking in the flea control area of the dog section, I saw Advantage-like products. After looking at 4 different brands, I chose the most expensive which was Hartz 4 in 1 flea, tick, mosquito, and flea larvae drops. I put it down her back and 30 minutes later she became very lethargic and drugged looking, her back became extremely red only where I put the flea drops. I waited and the next morning I looked at her back and noticed it was still just as red and there were even darker red spots that seemed to be wet. It looked like blood, but it wasn’t dripping, just glistening like an open sore or wound. I looked online to see if dogs have reactions to flea medication and I found this website. I made it halfway through a victim’s story and I grabbed Madison and bathed her twice, trying to get all of it off. I called my boyfriend of 5 years (who is just as in love with my dog as I am) and he told me he thought we should take her to the vet right away, so we did. The vet said that it looked like a chemical burn and that her skin was definetely infected only where the flea drops had been applied. The vet gave me a steroid and some antibiotics to give Madison for a week. I want to thank this website so much for possibly saving my dog. I am still watching her every second and am finding it very hard to go to sleep. I’m terrified I will wake up and she will be gone. I am thankful for this website, but I want no pet owner to ever have to feel this helpless, guilty, and scared. I will do anything and everything I can to get the word around about these products, and will not stop until Hartz not only pulls the cat products off the shelves, but the dog ones too. There is something horribly wrong with this company and there morals. I don’t know how they can sleep at night while I am laying here watching my dog’s every breath.