Place the blame where it belongs…but be smart too

I work at a vet clinic. Every summer we get a countless stream of flea toxicity in cats (and dogs) from Hartz products. Now while I greatly dislike Hartz and all that they do, people need to start realizing exactly what they’re putting on the animals they live with. Hartz, like all flea products, is a pesticide. It’s also a very cheap pesticide. You certainly get what you pay for. Hartz makes a toxic product, this is no surprise. Look up the chemical compounds in it…it’s not exactly something you want to be bathing in. The same goes for any flea products. So, in short..get Hartz off the shelves and be very suspicious of ALL flea products. Consider natural solutions to controlling fleas. Not everything is foolproof of course, but a healthier cat or dog in the long run is definitely worth it. Keep in mind-these products are also toxic to YOU! Wear GLOVES when messing around with it!

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