Almost a memory on Memorial Day.

My 9 month old cat hangs out with my two dogs. Now that the weather is nice, the dogs spend most of the day outside. My cat kept scrambling for the door so that he could be out with his friends. (Originally, we thought he’d be an indoor cat). After running after him one too many times, I gave up and let him stay out with the dogs. However, I figured that since the dogs always get Frontline, The cat should too. The problem was that it was Memorial Day, and the vet was closed. My partner found some Hartz flea and tick drops at the store. “Look, it’s less than half the price of Frontline”. I put the drops on him aroung 10:30 am. At 9:00 pm my cat had tremors, couldn’t walk without falling, had extreme sensitivity to light, and was terrified of me and his best friends (the dogs). I called the Vet E.R, and explained the symptoms. They asked if there was any pesticide or rodent poison around. Negatrive. Then they asked if I had used any Hartz Flea medicine. Bingo! They told me to bring him in immediately. They kept him for 24 hours, giving him muscle relaxers, I.V. fluids, and Scouring him to help detoxify him. They said that these toxicity problems sometimes take 3 or 4 days. They advised me to call my usual vet in case he needed longer term care. Before I could even finish explaining the problem, my usual vet asked about Hartz Flea medicine. $446.00 later he seems fine. He’s back wrestling with the dogs and no additional care is needed. The E.R. vet said that I was lucky. Usually the bills to detox the cat is over $1,000.00 if it takes the full three days. I guess it really wasn’t less than half the price of Frontline. I hope the people at Hartz, who knowingly distribute this poison all get a dose for themselves.

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