Convulsing Kitten/Terrified owner

I recently purchased an 8mo. old kitten from the humane society. Her name is kitkat & she is GORGEOUS!! The humane society administred the product ‘advantage’ before leaving the facility & kitkat had no problems what so ever. When it came time to re-treat her I purchased Hartz flea & tick for her weight size etc. For whatever reason after administering it I decided to stay up w/ her a few hrs to observe her for bad reactions, at that point she was not displaying any problems. Several hrs later I went to bed & to my horror when i awoke (just SIX hrs later) a wildly twitching/convulsing horrid looking kitten was skulking around the walls. My heart dropped into my stomach as i observered her while reading the packaging, which said to bath kitten & rinse profusely. While preparing the bath I got on the phone w/ Hartz to find out any additional help they could provide- mainly i was told, like pkg said to bath her etc & if not better w/in 1 hr take her to the VET!!
Without a doubt this experience was one of the most horrific I have had in dealing w/ my pets & gratefully the bath did help although not %100. kitkat got better quickly as day progressed. Her owner however was sick w/ fear & anger for days at the thought that I may have lost her, which would have been intolerable.
Thank you.
Tania B.

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