Hartz One Spot – Peripheral Neuropathy & Siezures

I put Hartz’s One Spot flea control on my cat, Leo, about a week ago. Then I began to notice that he was having trouble walking (peripheral neuropathy) and maintaining his balance. He gradually became lathargic and was not acting like his usual up-and-about self. This morning I awoke to Leo having a siezure.

Last night, I researched the internet for possible reasons why Leo was having trouble walking. The primary condition that I found was diabetes, but he did not exhibit any other diabetic symptoms. Luckily, I came across this web site and was able to establish the correlation between his problem and Hartz. So, when I brought him into the vet this morning, I was able to better inform her of his symptoms and of the use of Hartz. Otherwise, I probably would not have mentioned using the Hartz product, which could have lead to the wrong direction for testing.

Leo is in the hospital now. After doing some tests, the vet determined that Hartz was the cause. Fortunately, she believes that he can be treated. The estimated cost – $300. Hartz said that it will “consider” the case for reimbursement.

The vet said that the problem with Hartz and similar low-cost producers of flea control medication is that, since the more expensive products (Advantage, Frontline, etc.) are patented, these companies basically produce a cocktail of ingredients that are supposed to mimic the high-cost meds. So, really, who knows if methoprene, penothrin, or some “other” ingredient (the lable lists 2.9% methoprene and 97.1% “other” ingredients) is causing these problems.

Methoprene is the chemical that is supposedly being used to replace penothrin, which is used in Advanced Care, as the main ingredient in its products. Instead of selling Hartz’s Advanced Care products (per the agreement with the EPA – EPA and Hartz), the company is selling One Spot, which includes the methoprene. This is the product that I used and that lead to the hospitalization of my cat.

Even though Hartz was supposed to discontiue distributing Advanced Care by the end of March 2006, this product can still be found on some store shelves. I found the dog-related product at Petsmart today. You would think that Hartz would notify their retail stores that it supplies that the Advanced Care product needed to be pulled. Then again, all things considered, maybe not.

Whatever you do, do not purchase or use Hartz products. Whether the problem is penothrin, methoprene or something else, the risk is too great and the pain is too much for your pet. One Spot and Advanced Care are not the only Hartz products that can adversely affect your pets. Even if you have used Hartz products before without any negative reactions, be on the safe side and do not use Hartz.

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