my mini poodle and a hartz collar

I have a mii poodle about 20lbs. A couple of years ago I had gotten hm a flea collar from Hartz, becasue it was cheaper than other ones and had similiar ingredients than other ones. That same evening I looked at my puppy (not really 2 yrs. old then) and couldn’t believe it. His eyes were so red and puffy, it looked like they would jump out any minute.
The first thing on my mid was, get the collar off, it must be irritating.
Since then I was always afraid of putting any flea collar on him, thought he was allergic or so. He got better right away.
I bought a different flea collar with caution this week, because the fleas are really bad this summer. To my surprise, his eyes are still sitting in their spot. So afterall it was the crappy HArtz.
I’m just glad I caught it that early. To all of you that had less luck and lost your loved ones (pets), they are in dog-haven (or pet-haven) watching over you no to make the same mistake again, and are blessed with all the love you were able to give them.

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