birds are hartz victims, too

hi. just wanted you to know that even birds can be hartz victims too. i have posted links here that tell the whole story as it unfolds, but the gist of the story is: the hartz bonanza cockatiel food caused malnutrition in a family of i cockatiels i rescued. (i am an avian rescuer, once it was safe to do so, i switched their diet.)

the results of eating a daily diet of hartz food were: the mom died after laying eggs (from malnutrition), 3 of 4 babies died (again of malnutrition) and the one chick that did survive had serious health issues (rickets (which was fixed), stunting, and air saculitis – for the rest of its life)

here is a link to the web thread where it all unfolded:

here is a photo album of dando & uno, the survivors:

the father and lone chick were adopted together and have a great loving home, a better diet, and fine medical care now.

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