An hour longer and he would have died

I recently went to Target to buy my new cat something for fleas. I happen to be looking in Target by the animal supplies when this women came up to me and out of no where said “If you want your pet to live do not buy any Hartz product or it will kill your friend.” I stood and thought to myself yea yea just another crazy lady. But my fiance and I decided to go to pet supermarket to see what they had. When we went to the aisle where the flea and tick supplies where we noticed that there was no Hartz products to be found. So I asked a clerk about the product and his eyes about came out of his head when I told him that I was about to buy Hartz products. He also instructed to NEVER buy their products. So at this point I was convinced. I proceeded home to my kitty and our roommates puppy. When we arrived home my roommate had already put Hartz flea and tick control on her pug. I told her what I was told and she shrugged it off and went on like nothing happened. The next night we were playing with dog when it looked as though the pug was having a stroke. He stuck his leg out and looked like he was very dizzy. We monitored him for about 5 minutes. Then all of a sudden he thumped to the floor and was unable to stand. He could hardly open his eyes. We ran to the car and went to the emergancy hospital at 9 pm. Once there the vet asked if we had given him anything out of the ordinary. So we told her that we had put Hartz on our friend and she also about had her eyes pop out of her haid. She grabbed the dog and rushed to the back and said she would be right back. She came back about 10 minutes later and informed us that if we had let him go for another hour we would have lost our friend because of the Hartz. She said that it always happens at night on the first or second night. All dogs that come in like ours taht have had Hartz put on them respond in the same way. It’s a good thing there is an animal hospital 5 minutes away! What if there was not one close by? We would have lost our friend do to a company that does not care about animals. If they did care they would have taken their product off the shelves by now. Please please do not put this product on your animal. It is worth the $60 more to go to the vet and get the kind they supply like Advantage.

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