I should have researched for my dogs sake…..

Seven days ago I was shopping in Walmart purchasing dog food and items. I saw the Hartz Flea and Tick drops and decided to buy it for my three dogs. I applied the medication on Tuesday to all three dogs, a four year old and two eight month old pups. On Thursday my niece who happens to be my neighbor was telling me how sick her puppy had been all day Wednesday and during the night. She was constantly vomiting and dry heaving. She began giving her milk thinking it might help settle her stomach. This seem to subside late Thursday and she started to act like her normal self Friday. (By the way her puppy is the full sister to my two puppies and they play a lot together) On Saturday my older dog began dry heaving and I had noticed several wet spot areas in my garage where my dogs have full access to stay. I began talking to my sister and worried about them possibly getting into rat poision in the area since we live in a farming district. We also thought it may be possible they ate something that just did not agree with them. It was then I remembered putting the flea and tick drops on the dogs. I immediatly searched the internet and found this wed site. My heart sank when I saw all the devastation this product has caused. I have no doubt what happened to our dogs was caused by the drops and I immediately bathed the dogs heavily in Dawn dishwashing fluid. They seem to be doing OK, but I keep my fingers crossed that I have not caused them any long term illnesses.

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