OH-NO… I’m feeding my kittens Hartz Milk Replacement Formula

After four weeks of tireless efforts to befreind a georgeous cream seal point stray, atlast, she was mine. I named her Deja Blue- because while biking through our new neighborhood we saw her several times, and she had the most incredible siamese slanted, blue as the ocean eyes. She was desperate to be loved and love she found. In such a short time she had wrapped herself around my heart!

It became obvious after a week of good meals that she would have kittens -and soon! One sunday evening my neighbor came to tell me Deja was in her garage, and asked me to come and see. Their garage is almost always open and full of recreation and excitement and a tinkering husband. I followed and found; her tinkering husband, a noisy fan on high, the radio on fullblast, neices and nefews, nooks and crannys but, no Deja. I found her behind their airconditioner, between our houses about an hour after the street fell quiet. After some coaxing she followed me to my front portch. Deja was stressed and we both knew it would not be long. I left her for a moment and went inside. After ushering my two indoor cats to closed bedroom, dimming the lights and opening the door to the garage, Deja happily followed me into the garage to bed down.

Amazingly she still purred to me inbetween births. Her second kitten was still born and she allowed me to remove it after some petting and stroking which she insisted on. After a little more help, she had four healthy beautifull babies. She also had a terrible uterin infection. And, despite all efforts to save her including a much stressed trip to the vet, she passed away. I cried for a week.

And now I was responcible for Deja’s helpless five day old kittens. Before her fatal trip to the vet, I purchaced Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens. My vet didn’t ask me what kind of formula I had purchased and her kittens seemed fine. My vet advised me to keep them warm enough. As they can’t yet regulate their own body temperatures until they are about three weeks old and, feeding a cold kitten would surely result to its death. Make the milk luke warm for easy digestion. Keep their little bellies full… about a tablespoon every three to four hours a day should do the trick. And check their hydration in their scruff. Help them eliminate after every meal and call me if they don’t have a bowel movement…. good luck ,at least her legacy lives on in these little guys.

Deja’s kittens are now three weeks old. I’v been feeding them the Hartz formula the whole time, and it’s starting to get expensive. So hoping to find a printable coupon on their web sight, I logged on and googled Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens. I shuddered and gasped at what came up… Kittens die from Hartz Milk Replacement. My kids, husband and I can’t bear to lose the babies too! I searched the archive here and read everything I could find.

Now, I’m horrified and, I don’t know what to do! The kittens are thriving and, purring happy playfull little blessings. They have even doubled in size. They seem fine but, i’m so scared to think they could die from what I’m feeding them! All the stories I read involved switching formulas and as an experienced mom of three myself… we had formula nightmares! Changing formulas and the types of proteins is very hard on little childrens bodies. I could only imagine that it pushes the metabolizim of a tiny kitten to far. I don’t know what to do. I’m really scared to switch formulas now. I’m going to keep an even more vigilent watch over them now. Has anyone had success with the Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens????

I’m going to check with the vet. I’ll keep you posted on the kittens progress, and prayerfully it will remain progress!!!

Sincerely, CatCrazy

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    Roberta Turner
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