A Night at the Vet’s

I just returned home frome the vet’s office where I was told that my dog, Primo was having a reaction to Hartz flea and tick spray. Primo is a 2 year-old, 22 pound cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix who plays like a 6 month-old puppy. Earlier today my husband and I took Primo with us for a hike. After coming home, I found a tick on myself and soon discovered that Primo was covered in them (60-70 ticks!). We got all of the ticks off (hopefully) and sprayed him with Hartz Flea and Tick spray. Within hours, Primo who usually is running around the house or playing with his toys was laying down trembling, licking his mouth. I went online and found this site. Thank God! I took Primo to the vet where the told me to wash him with Dawn dish detergent because its supposedly the only soap that gets the pesticide off). Well, after a good wash and dry, Primo was back to his normal hyper self. I just hope that the Hartz didn’t cause any further damage as this was the third time that Hartz was used on him.

And, at the vet, the tech told me that she sees cats come in all the time convulsing because of the products. The owners spend around $1,200 on the cat and the cats sometimes don’t make it (50/50).

Hartz bottles should say FLEA, TICK, and PET KILLER.

Get this crap off of the shelves!

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