Hartz is poison to people too

Last week I started getting this itchy place on my arm where I had a scratch. At first I thought the scratch was just infected, then it swelled up. Then it spread and got yellow fluid under. After a while it itched and burned like mad and spread to about a 4″ area. It had yellow fluid under it, red around it and was all puffed up. I thought it was some kind of plant I’d touched.

I kept getting more red places that itched that weren’t quite as bad. I wasn’t touching any plants, but it kept spreading.

I have pictures.

I almost went to the hospital since I have a heart condition and it really looked like some kind of bad staph infection.

I finally narrowed it down to the dog I was taking care of. I remembered that the moron that owned her had put Hartz flea and tick preventative on her last year. I told him it was poison, but obviously he didn’t listen.

I talked with him on the phone and sure enough he had used it. So I started wearing rubber gloves when I went in his house and sure enough no more spots. The spots got larger and larger and now are chemical burns. It doesn’t seem to have effected the dog though. I can’t believe how stupid some people are!

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