Another victim of Hartz Flea & Tick

Little did I know that so many other pet owners have gone through what we went through yesterday! I had bought some Hartz Advanced Care flea treatment last summer on sale, and I figured I would stray from my usual Frontline. (big mistake) I applied one tube of flea killer on each of our two cats, both 1 year old boys. Several hours later, my son noticed that one cat, Rascal, was twitching. when I went to look at him, I was shocked to see what appeared to be seizure activity. Being that it was 5:00 on a Friday, I figured we better get this cat to the vet right away, and rushed him in. The vet was not at all surprised and said that she sees cats react to Hartz Flea medicine often – she knew just what to do. After spending $150 there, the cat needed to go to an overnight emergency clinic to moniter any more seizure activity. Thankfully, he did well and we picked him up this morning and brought him home. He is very tired, but no more shaking and twitching.
I am so angry that Hartz has sold this poison for years without any repurcussions. I would at least like to recover my vet expenses – has anyone ever had any luck with getting Hartz to cover the cost of the treatment to save the cat’s life??? This is an outrage.

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