Scared for my little boy…

I go to school in Birmingham (AL), but I live in Huntsville when I’m not in school. My boyfriend and I have two cats, a year-old silver tabby and a seven-month-old orange tabby, small for his age. They’re my baby boys, and I love them to pieces…

So, Thursday, a friend and I drove up to Huntsville for the night. When we got back to the house, I noticed that Yoda (the orange tabby) had a lot of fleas. I’ve been using the Hartz stuff on Sephiroth (the silver tabby) and it hadn’t bothered him, and last time I put it on him, I put a little bit on Yoda to see if it bothered him. So I figured it was all right, you know?

The next morning, he couldn’t walk, or even stand up. He didn’t want to eat or drink, and he was shaking. My boyfriend took him to the vet because my friend and I had to get back to Birmingham, and they diagnosed it as a reaction to the Hartz stuff. It’s been about 84 hours now… my mother’s been taking care of Yoda, feeding him nutrient solution (from the vet) through a little dropper, and cleaning him up because he can’t use the litter box 🙁 She emailed me today and said that he has been walking a little–still wobbly, but at least we know he’s gonna make it.

I was really scared for a while. I feel responsible, because I put the stuff on him… I don’t know what I’d have done if he hadn’t made it. I know I’m not the only one who’s been through this, and I’m praying that no one else has to.

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