nature’s gold (Hartz) killed my hamster

Nature’s Gold is another sub company of Hartz. I haven’t contacted them yet about the death of my hamster due to their product. I purchased nature’s gold “premium small animal bedding” which has pine and chlorophyll (inside has green and yellow pine shavings). It states on the back of the plastic packaging that it’s product is for other small animals, including specifically, hamsters.

I took my dead hamster back to the pet shop and was told that it was due to the bedding. It gives them respiratory problems and so my hamster died, curled up in the bedding that killed him. I just want all to know that this product, that’s still out there and being sold, will kill your hamster. Just watch out and be leery of any product and sub-companies that’s made and affiliated with Hartz.

One thought on “nature’s gold (Hartz) killed my hamster”

  1. I feel your pain, My hamster died from the same product. . . His name was Chester. . .

    My hamster had gotten sick before his death due to the bedding, He was sneezing, Falling over, He was weak, losing weight, and his eyes were crusted shut.

    R.I.P Chester! <333

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