My poor kitty…

My poor, elderly kitty cat escaped from her happy home for a mere two minutes and came back with fleas. It had been many years since she’d been infected, and I only remembered that my vet had given me some drops to put on her which alleved her condition. The flea infestation affected kitty’s health, but the worst was yet to come. I wouldn’t be at this site if I hadn’t stupidly purchased Hartz Flea Drops for Cats at the grocery. Like so many other pets, she became ill. My beautiful, graceful cat, companion of 16 years, became sloppy and uncoordinated, unable to judge distances nor to leap with pinpoint precision. I didn’t need a veterinarian to tell me that I had poisoned my cat. I was horrified that I had done this to her. I wiped the poison off as best I could, and consulted a vet, who verified that Hartz Flea Drops were the absolute worst thing one could put on a cat…ineffective and dangerous. It took approximately two months for kitty to return to her former gloriousness. She is still with me, having adopting her at age two from the Wood County Animal Shelter in Bowling Green, Ohio. When I acquired her in 1990, I had no idea that the commitment I made to her would last this long. I’m ever so grateful that my cat did not die from my carelessness in using this product. I thought it would be less expensive than taking her to the vet.

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