6 lb. adult shih tzu gets skin infection

My small sized adult shih tzu named Madison recently ran out of her Advantage, and I decided to save some money and order it online from Petshed.com because it’s much easier and cheaper. Well, somehow she got fleas and was constantly itching herself before the Advantage came in. I started to feel bad for her so I went to Petsmart to look for a flea shampoo to hold her over until her Advantage showed up in the mail. While looking in the flea control area of the dog section, I saw Advantage-like products. After looking at 4 different brands, I chose the most expensive which was Hartz 4 in 1 flea, tick, mosquito, and flea larvae drops. I put it down her back and 30 minutes later she became very lethargic and drugged looking, her back became extremely red only where I put the flea drops. I waited and the next morning I looked at her back and noticed it was still just as red and there were even darker red spots that seemed to be wet. It looked like blood, but it wasn’t dripping, just glistening like an open sore or wound. I looked online to see if dogs have reactions to flea medication and I found this website. I made it halfway through a victim’s story and I grabbed Madison and bathed her twice, trying to get all of it off. I called my boyfriend of 5 years (who is just as in love with my dog as I am) and he told me he thought we should take her to the vet right away, so we did. The vet said that it looked like a chemical burn and that her skin was definetely infected only where the flea drops had been applied. The vet gave me a steroid and some antibiotics to give Madison for a week. I want to thank this website so much for possibly saving my dog. I am still watching her every second and am finding it very hard to go to sleep. I’m terrified I will wake up and she will be gone. I am thankful for this website, but I want no pet owner to ever have to feel this helpless, guilty, and scared. I will do anything and everything I can to get the word around about these products, and will not stop until Hartz not only pulls the cat products off the shelves, but the dog ones too. There is something horribly wrong with this company and there morals. I don’t know how they can sleep at night while I am laying here watching my dog’s every breath.

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