shrea almost died

i used the hartz flea drops on my dog. she got ill!!!!!! 546.00 later and tempory damage to the nerves in her spine she is now thankfully doing well…what will it take to get this potentially deadly product off the market….yes i have a vet bill that states “hartz toxicity” enough is enough!!!!!!!!

Kittens Died After Using Hartz Replacement Milk

My Mom had a few baby kittens a few months ago that she was trying to raise to health. They were only a few weeks old and so she was feeding them replacement mother’s milk formula. She did not use Hartz at first and they were thriving. She was almost out of formula and wouldn’t have enough for the next few days so I went to Wal-Mart to buy some more formula for her. All they had was a can of Hartz formula. I bought it and took it back to Mom. Within a day or two, every single one of the kittens that were left had died. We don’t know if this was due to the Hartz formula or if it was due to a sickness they were getting because one or two had died in the week before this happened. Personally, I’d avoid ALL Hartz products. I used to think that Hartz was a reputable brand but I don’t trust them after seeing this site.


Well my mom buys stuff from the vets (Frontline) but basically only during the summer because my pets are inside pets.. Anyways would Hartz stuff have any effect on humans? I ask this because maybe if like someone where just applying it to their pet and like happend to have a bad reaction if they could sue and maybe the hartz crap would get off the shelves faster. Sorry if I don’t make much sense.. I just have a uhh curious mind I guess? I’m an animal lover to the extreme and really would do just about anything to help ^^

Cat Flea & Tick Drops

My husband & I ran out of the Advantage that we usually give our cats and we happened to be at a store that sold Hartz Flea & Tick Drops. We applied the drops to the cats late Thursday afternoon & by 10 o’clock Thursday night violent fighting erupted amongst our three normally docile, fat, lazy house cats. Hair was flying, bodies were slamming into walls, they were growling & making horrible gutteral noises – basically they were trying to kill each other. The fighting continued off & on through the night and by Friday morning, one of the cats had jumped through a 2nd story screen window. That was 3 days ago and we haven’t seen her since. And our 2 remaining cats are still fighting and trying to kill each other. These are 2 cats that were brothers from the same litter and have been together for 11 years. Upon trying to find a website to contact Hartz, I came upon your site (and several others). We had no idea. Hartz seemed like a reputable pet brand name. It’s a crime that they’re allowed to continue to sell these products.

Thank You

Wow. I had no idea about the Hartz products causing so much harm. I had asked my vet about the 4 in 1 flea/tick drops for dogs under 10 lbs, but all she could tell me was she would rather me use the Advantage. After much debate, I decided to check here before applying it to my dog. I’m so glad I did. And I appreciate the work done on this site. Very informative, and I’ve made up my mind. My doggie won’t be yet another victim of this form of animal cruelty. Thank you again.

I think we made a difference.

I’m 12, and my Com. Arts teacher’s daughter called one day in the middle of class, and she was sobbing and crying, and all of that. Well, after my teacher finished her phone call, she told us that her daughter’s cat, Truman, was affected by the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops. Truman was at the vet’s, and the vet told my teacher’s daughter what the cause of Truman’s problem was. I also had the same problem, with my cat, a few years prior. Well, my teacher found this site, and we used the address to write letters to the Hartz Mountain Corporation. Think about it: Sixty twelve year olds writing upset letters to a pet product company.

Well, I do believe that we made an impact, at least for the stores in Missouri. One of Hartz’s vets came and talked to us, and we knew our topic. We knew the chemical(synthetic pyrethriods[forgive my spelling]) and we knew our questions. We bombarded the man with inquiries, and he gave evasive answers. He told us that the product was coming off the shelves March 31st,(today) and was to be replaced with a new product.

Sent my adult cat to an early grave

My cat Basil is a 12 year old female who is currently in acute renal failure due to Hartz flea treatment. Since the product had a familar company name and was sold at Target I assumed it was safe. I thought that the worse case sinario would be that it simiply would not work. However, my cat became weak. After showing the vet the Hartz product they knew she had been posioned. They called Posion Control who was aware of the Hartz product and the damage it can do to animals. I feel very guilty for giving Harts flea treament to my innocent cat. Hartz should be ashammed of placing these products on the market.

Kim Heiman, Fayetteville, GA