Flea collar on my 7yr old Dashound

I bought a hartz flea and tick collar on friday April 14th, 2006 and put on my dashound (Toby) as I have done every year that I have had him, But this year was a shocker!!! That Friday night after I put it on him we noticed that his back legs was acting like they were locking up on him, like he had thrown his back out , like he has done several times before so we paid no attention to it, By saturday evening he was vomitting and had the runs real bad, It had looked like there was blood in his stool also wich scared me to death. My mother was visiting me and told me to take his flea collar off from him cause it was poisoning him. After I took it off and gave him a bath he seemed to be better, Now as I write this letter he is in the Hospital, and they are not sure what is wrong with him 🙁 . Yesterday morning when I got up I noticed that his genitals were swollen beyond belive, so I rushed him to the vet, He was running a fever of 105. They have him on antibiotics and fluids cause he was some what dehidrated. The vet told me he may have caught an STD from our female dashound but I think it is from the flea collar, And if/ when his blood work comes back neg. for the STD HARTZ BETTER LOOK OUT CAUSE I AM GOING TO SUE!!!! I am going to the vets in the morning for the test results and try to bring Toby home. I will post tommorow what the vets have to say. THIS IS 1 FAMILY THAT WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER OVER THE COUNTER FLEA PRODUCT!!!!

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