It isn’t just Hartz- Sargeant is deadly as well

Our cats were given Sargeant Gold Flea and Tick Drops and showed similar signs of toxicity. Tremors, severe itching, difficulty walking, drooling, yowling… We have 3 cats and were only able to catch 2 to apply the drops… and both became dangerously ill. The third was lucky. The bills have thus far totaled about $1,000 to treat 2 cats and they have yet to be fully relieved from their itching.

Hartz and Sargent are extremely dangerous products. They are names that we once trusted- but can’t anymore. I have already gotten one local store to remove the products from their shelves after seeing my vet write ups and bills. And my father in law once distributed the brands to stores all over New England and he is now holding meetings to remove them from their sales list….

If you or someone you know has experianced this horrid ordeal- please speak up and speak out! Share your knowledge with others! You could be saving lives!

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