hartz bones can kill

After chewing on and eating a Hartz Smokey Hambone we purchased at Walmart our 9 year old boxer, Torry, nearly died. Within a very short period of time after eating the bone Torry began wretching and pacing around and whining. Although she was wretching every few minute nothing came up. We called our vet and were advised to rush her to an animal hospital 45 minutes away from us. By the time we arrived at the hospital Torry had begun to go into shock. She was rushed to surgery and had to have her stomache cut open and the contents (sharp pieces of the hamebone) removed one piece at a time. The blood flow to her stomache had been compromised and she lost her spleen, part of her stomache, and some colon. Post-operatively we spoke to the vet/surgeon and she told us that pork bones are not digestable. Pork bone is listed as the ingredient, but the fact that they are not digestable is not mentioned on the label.
I urge all dog owners to beware of this product and for that matter any Hartz products. It is irresponsable of them to produce such a bone and even worse to not put a warning on the label. I. for one, will never purchase another Hartz product.
Torry went through the awful ordeal of the surgery and was in the hospitals ICU for 2 days. After purchasing a $3.00 bone we spent over $3,000.00 to save her life. She is home with us now and we have been told that if she lives 5 days after her surgery she should be ok. This is day 3 and we are very hopeful.
I am wondering if any other dog owner has experienced a situation similiar to this one.

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