I just got my min schnauzer out of the hospital, after appying hartz 4 in 1 flea drops for dogs!! She was in for two days recieving shots for reaction, shock!! It took a day before I realized what was going on!! She started itching violently, rolling, chomping her teeth, swinging her head, and trembleing uncontrolably. I have the vet report that clearly says that she had a sever reaction to the drops!! I called hartz thinking that maybe that lot of drops were defective in some way. Hartz was not helpul at all. They told me that a reaction that severe had never been documented! Well, Hartz ,document it now!!They also told me that that would not happen in an otherwise healthy animal! well hartz, would you like to see her medical records??? Perfectly healthy animal!! I almost lost my best friend over some stupid $4 drops!! whats worse is that my friend had to suffer through this!! It was as if she was on fire, and i was helpless to help!! I will NEVER buy a hartz product again, and will discourage EVERYONE i see to boycott hartz!!

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