Hartz flea &tick drops poisoned my 2 cats

I bought the flea and tick drops at a local walmart, I don’t use these products often, but have a few times in the past.

I split a dose between my 2 cats who are both 2 years old. Within an hour my little lucy started drooling and walking funny. I immediately washed her down with dish liquid and water. I went out looking for my other cat Simon, I couldn’t find him. I was scared for lucy since even with the long bath she was still trying to attack her back legs and growling at me. I heard my neighbor screaming for me…
When I got next door Simon was seizing!!! I immediately rushed both my cats to the emergency hospital. They didn’t waste a minute with Simon (I thought he was going to die before I got there!) They didn’t even talk to me the took him to icu IMMEDIATELY!! After 20 minutes the Doctor came back and examined lucy. She was still trying to attach her leg and walking funny. I left my cats there and had to be made to leave. I called at 8:00 that night and they were both still seizing even under heavy anestesia! I thought this is it I killed my cats.. MYGOD how could a product that will do this be on the market!!?? At 10:30 that night I got a call from the hospital…(expecting the worse since they weren’t giving me any major hope!) Lucy was pulling out of the anestesia and attacking her back legs and had to be put under heavy sedation. I then called again the following day at about 4:00 (after crying all day, and being told to expect the worse!) Both Simon and Lucy had stopped seizing just a few hours before my call, and had eaten a small amount of food. They will be there for a least 2 more days, but the Vet thinks that they have a chance to survive. The problems being watched now are liver, and kidney damage and possible brain damage and Lucy’s back legs are still tremoring and so is Simon’s ears. With the GRACE of GOD Simon and Lucy will come home and live for a long time. The Vet told me that there are neurotoxins in the drops!!! I just hope that anyone who reads this will think twice about using ANY HARTZ products…the risk (and bills ($800)) are too high a price to risk your treasured pet’s life!

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