Kittens Died After Using Hartz Replacement Milk

My Mom had a few baby kittens a few months ago that she was trying to raise to health. They were only a few weeks old and so she was feeding them replacement mother’s milk formula. She did not use Hartz at first and they were thriving. She was almost out of formula and wouldn’t have enough for the next few days so I went to Wal-Mart to buy some more formula for her. All they had was a can of Hartz formula. I bought it and took it back to Mom. Within a day or two, every single one of the kittens that were left had died. We don’t know if this was due to the Hartz formula or if it was due to a sickness they were getting because one or two had died in the week before this happened. Personally, I’d avoid ALL Hartz products. I used to think that Hartz was a reputable brand but I don’t trust them after seeing this site.

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