I think we made a difference.

I’m 12, and my Com. Arts teacher’s daughter called one day in the middle of class, and she was sobbing and crying, and all of that. Well, after my teacher finished her phone call, she told us that her daughter’s cat, Truman, was affected by the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops. Truman was at the vet’s, and the vet told my teacher’s daughter what the cause of Truman’s problem was. I also had the same problem, with my cat, a few years prior. Well, my teacher found this site, and we used the address to write letters to the Hartz Mountain Corporation. Think about it: Sixty twelve year olds writing upset letters to a pet product company.

Well, I do believe that we made an impact, at least for the stores in Missouri. One of Hartz’s vets came and talked to us, and we knew our topic. We knew the chemical(synthetic pyrethriods[forgive my spelling]) and we knew our questions. We bombarded the man with inquiries, and he gave evasive answers. He told us that the product was coming off the shelves March 31st,(today) and was to be replaced with a new product.

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