Too Soon

Our cat died in exactly 12 hours from wearing a collar. She was a sweet kitten.


Hartz flea control killed my dog

Thought the flea drops only caused Bucky’s fur to stop growing, but now 9 months later, he got very sick. Vet said he has liver and intestinal disease, so I looked up the active ingredient in Hartz Advance on this site, and searched for it on the Internet. I found this:


which says that Phenothrin is a gastro-intestinal and liver toxicant. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but not all damage from Hartz is immediate. Bucky was put to sleep and as far I’m concerned, Hartz killed him.

Are there any lawyers who are victims here that can help file a class action lawsuit to get this off the shelves?

Large Vet bill–lucky to be alive

My cat has long hair and I didn’t realize that the Hartz Flea collar that I put on her was doing damage to her skin and health. A few days after putting the Hartz Flea collar around her neck I was petting her and noticed something different about her neck. When I checked I found that her neck was completely raw. If I hadn’t noticed this, she would have had an infection that may have taken her life. I took her to the vet that same day. I was just very lucky to have noticed this considering her long fur. Always, always, always, just for the next few days after putting a flea collar on, check to make sure that your pet is not having a bad reaction to the flea collar. This can take the life of your pet, or cost a lot of money in return vet bills just to clear up an infection. I learned a very sad lesson the hard way. I hope you are not reading this after this has happened to your pet. I wish I would have read the label more carefully and I wish the lable would tell people to check their pet daily for the next few days. I feel this would have not happened to my pet if I read that I should check my pet daily after putting the collar on. I feel bad about what I did to my precious pet. She is fine now and very happy. I never use a flea collar on her now and I only use the flea care from my vet.

Hartz Flea Drops Didn’t Kill Fleas- It Killed my CAT. :-(

I used the Hartz Mountain advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops on my cat. Within 48 hours he became sick–he seemed weak and listless. As he didn’t improve in a few days, I took him to the vet and she examined him and treated him for fleas. The Hartz Mtn. Drops didn’t kill the fleas. He began to lose weight and became very listless. He wasn’t eating or drinking much water. I took him to the vet again. She found a tumor in his abdomen and stated that he would probably pass away in a week or two. He died 10 days later. I sent the documentation to Hartz as they requested. They refused to take responsibility for my cat’s death. To me it seems classic: a tumor as a result of a toxic substance. I wish I had known that it was not a safe product. Now, I am out $300+ For vet bills, which i requested that they pay. My Kitty was fine until i used those Hartz Mtn Drops on him. The worst of it of course, is that my beloved furry friend is gone. We miss him terribly. He was so friendly, affectionate and fun. He was a big furry tuxedo guy who was always looking for a lap to sit on or a cuddle from someone! He would answer us with meows — and of course was a great purring pal!


Our local veterinarian recently hired me on as a receptionist. I was really excited about working at a vet?s office since I do have a great love of animals. I thought I had a good knowledge base of how to properly care for cats and dogs, but I was shocked when I learned and saw what Hartz products and other over the counter products do to our beloved cats and dogs. I have seen cats die terrible, agonizing deaths – resulting in seizures from using Hartz products. I had a baby puppy die in my arms because his owner unknowingly gave him a bath in Hartz Puppy Shampoo. It was heart wrenching! I just do not understand how Hartz and others can stay on the market when their products kill. I have made it a personal mission to educate people in every way I can to the dangers of using Hartz and other over the counter products. It’s disgusting and inhumane.

Dogs bad reaction

We just discovered your site tonight after we applied Hartz Advance Care Flea and Tick drops for 16-30 lbs…and our Dog completely freaked out. She started pacing around the room and hiding. When I went to pick her up her heart was pounding. I googled the product name and found your site. We immediately bathed her as your site suggested and she seems to have calmed down a little, but is still sensitive to the area where we applied the product. Her symptoms were within minutes of applying the product. This was the second time this happend. The first time we did not corellate her symptoms to the application of the flea drops. We purchased the product for a $1.50 from a Publix in Jacksonville Fl. I appreciate the information that you have available….we plan to contact Hartz and Publix immediately. Thanks,
Kevin and Kathi…Jacksonville Fl.

Hartz Mountain Small Animal Cages

I’m not the victim of this; rather customers were.

I was an employee at a Wal-Mart that still sold small animals besides fish, and I’m a college graduate with a degree in biology. One of my first jobs was in the pet department and as a result I ended up being the first contact many new potential owners had with pet care. I had to educate more than one fish owner about not cleaning a tank completely, and to never clean with bleach(!).

I often had questions about how to take care of gerbils, hamsters, and other small mammals. I would recommend glass aquariums of at least ten gallons; they prevented litter from digging, were easy to clean, with a screen cover had plenty of ventilation, and prevented the animal from chewing the container as can happen with plastic.

Plastic is bad for a number of reasons for small mammals: urine tends to stain and stay in plastic as with other odors, it is easily chewed and potentially ingested, clouds quickly from digging activities which also increases the surface area for bacterial growth, and the list goes on. Hartz mountain made a number of very small (less than 1.5 gallon volume) plastic small mammal containers. They were cheaper than a 10 gallon aquarium, but I never recommended them.

Here’s why: on top of the plastic design, they had a water bottle that was unusual. For the ease of the owner, one can assume, it was an accordion design that didn’t (and indeed couldn’t) open to be refilled: one needed to only squeeze it underwater and it would refill when released.

Nice in theory.

Here’s what would happen in practice: the animal is in the cage. The air pressure changes, which can happen with a phenomenon we call “weather.” If the pressure drops, the water-bottle is now overpressurized and the easier-than-normal-flow nozzle sprays water into the very tiny plastic poorly ventilated cage of a small mammal that has a hard time maintaining it’s body temperature with dry fur. With the small cage, not only is there no escape from the liquid there is also no place to go to dry off.

Result: small animal dies quickly from hypothermia, or a slow lingering death from disease as the damp conditions quickly take their toll on the animal’s system. (Hamsters and gerbils are arid to desert living creatures, not adapted to cold and damp.).

I dissuaded customers at every turn against Hartz Mountain after only one or two distraught owners came in with pets that were dead or dying (about one week on the job). I could never in good conscience recommend any of their products after that.

I will NEVER buy another Hartz anything

I arrived home from work around 7am on Tuesday February 21st, 2006.(Please note the date!) I decided to put some of the Hartz 4 in 1 flea and tick drops on my sweet, precious cat “Lollie”. I then went to bed. I awakened about 3:30 that afternoon to find Lollie barely able to walk and tremors running down her spine like a rollercoaster. I immediately called the vet and was instructed to call Hartz. I called Hartz and was told to wash the area where the drops were applied. I washed Lollie and then took her to the vet. The vet said it was in her bloodsteam and effecting her central nervous system. He gave her an injection of Atropine and Dexamethazone and instructed me to keep a close eye on her and call him if I needed to. Well, I got Lollie home and she actually started walking better, but the tremors were still there. She was not herself at all! At 9:15pm, I called Hartz back and one of their “medical” telephone people answered. He told me to wash her again and that she needed a sedative. I gave Lollie a “good” bath and called the vet . He told me he didn’t want to mask her symtoms with a sedative, but giving her 12.5mg(children’s dose) of Benadryl might help. I gave Lollie the Benadryl and it did seem to help her get settled down some. The next day I called Hartz back and was given their script about sending a letter, vet copy and the product to them. I wrote the letter, scanned the box that the poision came in and sent the vet copies, of which I had him write the barcode # on (I had taken it with me to the vet) and mailed it certified. I have yet to get a copy back of where Hartz has received it. By Friday, Lollie had improved, and was almost herself.
As I write this story, Lollie is fortunately back to her old self. I’m just shocked that I was able to buy that poision at such a late date. I plan to send copies of the letter I wrote to all the agencies listed on this website. It saddens me to think that there are other people that probably have that product in their homes, and are planning to use it on their beloved pet, not knowing the danger of it. Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another Hartz anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lab sick after using Hartz Flea and Tick drops

Sunday we purchased this product to do our two dogs from walmart. Sunday night we did both dogs as indicated on the package. Monday night the lab was sick to his stomach off and on through the night. Tuesday he was acting very strange, wouldn’t leave our sides, had some welts on his skin, getting stiffer and stiffer by the hour, very agitated and walking constantly, and panting. By five he could not lay down or move his head up or down. His front shoulders and hind end were weak and very stiff. I checked the packaging of the product as this was the only thing that had changed for him in the last couple of days. The package gave no adverse symptons just call a vet. I decided to check the internet for information and that is when I found information on side affects and problems with the product. After reading numerous stories from people the one from the the lady working for a vet caught my attention. We bathed him right away and placed a call with our vet. By this time his heart was racing and he was breathing heavy. The vet agreed that the product could be the problem but it had been on to long, all we could do was to bath him and we did the other dog as well (he had no symptoms), watch him all night and rush him in if he was to get worse. He paced all night none stop, we took him in next morning. He is totally exhausted. Food and water had to be put on boxes at his level so he could eat as he still could not bend up or down. Vet checked him and stated that it was not possible to say 100 percent that this was the cause, but everything pointed to it. Bud is doing okay partly because he is at the top of his weight scale and this helped him. We continue to monitor him and hope he makes it with no major side affects. Any changes at all and the vet said call immediately. Only time will Tell. Hopefully he will be one of the lucky ones.