witnessed the horror

6:30pm, march 27th, 2006. I was in the waiting room of my vet’s office having just finished having the last of my 5 fur people ( cats ) vaccines given. I looked as the entry door opened and a couple brought their cat in. The cat was in the midst of a seizure. I overheard them telling the vet that the only thing differant they had done was to administer hartz flea drops on their cats back. I was there long enough to overhear the vet telling these people that their cat had a 50/50 chance of surviving, but if it did it could very well have brain damage. The vet went on to tell them that these particular flea drops have a well known reputation for causing illness and death in pets.
I hope and pray there is something that can be done to STOP hartz from making this pet maiming and killing product. I know as for myself I will never buy anything that I remotely think comes from the hartz mountain company ever again.
The image of that poor cat seizing will remain with me forever and to think it was all caused by something that was suppose to help.

Mark, from clearwater, fl

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