After reading one of the stories, I just noticed why my hamsters died.. I am only 13 and 2 years ago, I kept a few hamsters. Me and my ex-best friend just finished primary and because our school kept hamsters and white mice, we also wanted to keep them..

As a note, we live in Indonesia.. I bought 2 hamsters and my friend bought 5 hamsters.. In just less then 1 month, both my hamsters died.. My friends hamsters still live till this day (27th March 2006). After they died, I had a few more (10 in total) and the hamsters all died!! The longest lived for 3 months.. I now realize they ate HARTZ hamster food.. My friend used to give HARTZ but changed to something else..

If I knew HARTZ was dangerous, I wouldn’t have given them those food..

Oh and I used to give dogs the hartz flea and tick spray.. Nothing actually happened except them going wild and rubbing against things (I have 8 dogs at that time) like being burnt.. I changed what they were using and they don’t have a single problem since.. And this is in INDONESIA!!

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