$300…my cat’s vet bill

Never buy your animal Hartz or any other cheap flea/tick medication. My cat started having muscle tremors a few hours after my mom put it on him. His pink nose became white and dry. He also acted really strangely, he was wobbling and didn’t have good balance. So at 11:30 I finally convinced my parents to take action. We called and emergency vet and they said to give him a bath. We did. The cat (not yet fully grown) was shivering in my arms as I held it close in its towel. It continues shaking even though it was mostly dry so we headed out to the vet that was 30 minutes away. Once there we met another lady who had a cat with similar conditions, only worse. He was violently shaking she told us. She also used Hartz. After talking to the vet he told us he always gets animals like this. They tried to get Hartz off the market, but failed. My cat stayed at the vet for 3 days, with a bill totaling at about $300. We sent the bill to the company, who did repay us, but Hartz is still on the market. Do not use this on your animals!

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