I just can’t believe it…

Why is this still going on? We have had our little Wampa for two years, and have always used Hartz flea drops. Why not? Wal-Mart sells it. Petco sells it. Its cheap. No one at the pet store knows how bad it is for your pet it seems. She always acted like it burned her, and would run from us. But this was our first kitten, so we assumed all cats didn’t like flea drops and that this was normal.

We took her to get fixed today, and noticed some hair loss around her tail. I cut her Hartz collar off in case it was in the way of the vet, and it revealed a horrible gashed area. Raw and bloody. With her long hair we would never have noticed it. And we spend a lot of time with her. That is how subtle it can be. The vet asked first thing if we used Hartz and told us to stop. She led us to this site, and told us several stories about her encounters. It effects their skin, their liver, and even their brains in some cases.

She suggested we switch to revolution, a Pfeizer product. We did so gladly. I feel so bad that we have used this on our cat all this time. But how are people to know?

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