Hartz guinea pig food toxicities?


I have a guinea pig and I usually feed him a different type of dry pellet. But the store ran out, so I tried buying the Hartz guinea pig food. Well, I fed it to him and after a week or so, I noticed he had stopped eating normally. I thought perhaps he just didn’t like the dry food. So I went out and bought him a different hard food. But I noticed he also had stopped eating anything that wasn’t very mushy and easy to eat. It seemed that something was wrong with his teeth. SO I looked, and his incisor teeth had turned BLACK and they were hurting him badly. He wouldn’t even drink out of his sipper bottle. Luckily, rodents teeth continuously grow so after feeding him whatever he could eat and forcing him with water, they grew back in. I didn’t connect the fact that it may be the dry food until I went to finish up the Hartz food that was left over, and he stopped eating again…and his teeth started to turn black again. So, I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen?? Any ideas would be helpful. thanks

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