Two Cats, One Bad Reaction

Our two cats are the indoor/outdoor type. Because they do go outside,we decided to apply a flea repellent on them. We used Hartz Flea and Tick repellent, a lotion of some sort. The one cat(they are sisters) reacted fine to the application. The other reacted as if she were getting burned. She tried to rub the lotion off her neck and clawed at the area so much that I became alarmed and bathed her. I thought that was the end. Within days her fur around her neck was gone and there was raw skin exposed, which she still was clawing at. Even after I thought I got all of the flea lotion off the cat, obviously a small amount remained. My cat was in agony for a least a week. She’s fine now, but it was shocking to find this site and see that other’s have had the same experience.

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