Dogs bad reaction

We just discovered your site tonight after we applied Hartz Advance Care Flea and Tick drops for 16-30 lbs…and our Dog completely freaked out. She started pacing around the room and hiding. When I went to pick her up her heart was pounding. I googled the product name and found your site. We immediately bathed her as your site suggested and she seems to have calmed down a little, but is still sensitive to the area where we applied the product. Her symptoms were within minutes of applying the product. This was the second time this happend. The first time we did not corellate her symptoms to the application of the flea drops. We purchased the product for a $1.50 from a Publix in Jacksonville Fl. I appreciate the information that you have available….we plan to contact Hartz and Publix immediately. Thanks,
Kevin and Kathi…Jacksonville Fl.

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