Lab sick after using Hartz Flea and Tick drops

Sunday we purchased this product to do our two dogs from walmart. Sunday night we did both dogs as indicated on the package. Monday night the lab was sick to his stomach off and on through the night. Tuesday he was acting very strange, wouldn’t leave our sides, had some welts on his skin, getting stiffer and stiffer by the hour, very agitated and walking constantly, and panting. By five he could not lay down or move his head up or down. His front shoulders and hind end were weak and very stiff. I checked the packaging of the product as this was the only thing that had changed for him in the last couple of days. The package gave no adverse symptons just call a vet. I decided to check the internet for information and that is when I found information on side affects and problems with the product. After reading numerous stories from people the one from the the lady working for a vet caught my attention. We bathed him right away and placed a call with our vet. By this time his heart was racing and he was breathing heavy. The vet agreed that the product could be the problem but it had been on to long, all we could do was to bath him and we did the other dog as well (he had no symptoms), watch him all night and rush him in if he was to get worse. He paced all night none stop, we took him in next morning. He is totally exhausted. Food and water had to be put on boxes at his level so he could eat as he still could not bend up or down. Vet checked him and stated that it was not possible to say 100 percent that this was the cause, but everything pointed to it. Bud is doing okay partly because he is at the top of his weight scale and this helped him. We continue to monitor him and hope he makes it with no major side affects. Any changes at all and the vet said call immediately. Only time will Tell. Hopefully he will be one of the lucky ones.

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