Zodiac killed one cat and two others were in intensive care.

My sister used Zodiac on her cats. She lost one and the others were critical. She was devestated. Something that is supposed to be harmless and is sold over the counter had just murdered one of the familys pets and she was not sure of the outcome for the other two. It was touch and go for a week. After two weeks the vets let the cats come home. They wobbled around because of neurological damage and the debilitating effects of not eating for an extended time. The two who did survive this attack are fine now, but it took several months.
I now have a written warning in my new kitten letter to anyone who gets one of my cats, to NEVER, NEVER use products not obtained from a veterinarian.
Please warn folks who you see looking in the pet aisles at those poisionous productsl, for the love of their pets to not buy these terrible products.

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