I would have thought this site was crazy…

..if I had visited it prior to Sunday.

I drove 12 hours to my mothers house to pick up my new English Mastiff puppy (11 weeks old). I picked him up on Friday and had a great weekend with him. He was very sociable and an extremely pleasant puppy. On Saturday I bathed him with Hartz 2 in 1 Rid Flea Conditioning Shampoo as it was the only dog shampoo my mother had in the house. Sunday morning prior to my departure for home I awoke to my puppy having a full blown seizure. I’m not talking about a few tremors, this was the foaming mouth, rolling eyes, poop all over yourself kind of seizure.

I toweled him off, contacted a Vet and the Breeder. The breeder had not seen any of this type of behavior in any of his puppies, and my mother (who had him for a week prior to my arrival) reported nothing but great health.

The puppy perked back up and we assumed (wrongly) that the puppy was ok, and maybe had eaten something and had a reaction. We departed and began our drive home, which ended up being the worst trip I have ever made. I had to watch my new friend suffer through 7 more seizures on the trip home. By the time he had his second one of the day, I was too far from my mothers to turn back, and so had to continue. I spoke with 3 different emergency vet clinics on my cell phone and FINALLY one suggested a bath after I informed him of the flea bath the puppy had already received.

Upon arrival at my home last night, my wife and I scrubbed him down to get all the Hartz off him, (he had another seizure during the bath) and he hasn’t had another in the last 15 hours. He is at the vet under observation now. I only hope that he is ok.

I cannot honestly say that the shampoo caused this. There could be other factors, but I will have more of an answer today, and the Vet assures us that the shampoo is the most likely cause. It is unfortunate that this information is not more widely distributed to educate animal lovers out there so more of us don’t unintentionaly harm our friends.

Hartz flea drops

I have 4 cats, I could not afford the Advantage drops like I normally could. So I went to Hartz at Walmart. I did all four cats and I used half a dose. I almost lost one of my cats, she began to get unresponant, puples where dialated, she wouldnt eat or drink and her breathing was shallow. Her body was limp. At first I didnt know what was wrong with her. I called the vet and to my amazment it was the Hartz drops. It was a lucky thing I only used half a dose or I would of lost her. Her age is 2 years. I dont think it is localized with just pets under 10 lb or kittens. Because she was neither. I have a hard time believeing it has taken so long for them to pull this product off the shelves. I cant wait to walk into my neighborhood walmart and see them gone. Please pass the word, I have to everyone I know who has pets. thank you for your site…. Angel

Replacement Formula

Please be aware that the puppy replacement formula can be dangerous as well. We are hand feeding a litter of puppies. They were thriving until we purchased Hartz replacement milk formula. The puppies all got very runny diaharia and one began having seizures and was in so much pain that the vet almost put him down. We finally realized that the puppies began to fail when we starting using this formula – switched back to the vet recommended formula and they are all thriving again! Please be aware that if your puppy is not doing well it could easily be this formula!

Hartz 3-In-1 flea drops nearly killed my dog.

I used Hartz flea drops for three summers. Within ten days of every application, my dog “Buster” suffered a severe grand mal seizure. I took him to two different veterinarians who performed hundreds of dollars in tests, and neither felt the flea drops were causing the seizures. So stupid me, I continued using this poison and my dog’s seizures got a little worse every time. One day I was getting some work done on my car and something told me to walk down to the local pet store while I was waiting. I struck up a conversation with the pet store owner and eventually the conversation got to the seizures my dog was having. She asked me if I had used the Hartz flea drops on my dog. When I told her that I had, she told me to stop using them immediately. I did stop using them, and it has been over a year and my dog has not had another seizure (he was having at least two a month). I thank GOD for telling me to walk into that pet store. If anyone knows of a class-action lawsuit being brought against the Hartz Corporation for expenses incurred as a result of using this product, please contact me. And F.Y.I., I have been giving my dog one 300 mg tablet of garlic every day for a year now, and he has not had a single flea found on him!
T.L. Rader, Keokuk, IA

texas steele

On Sept. 07, 2004 my friend a red mini dachshund named Rommel succumbed to poisoning by hartz flea and tick shampoo. Since my vet was dumbfounded I was not aware that this was the cause. The signs were loss of appetite and energy, diahrhea, and internal bleeding. As a result of my ignorance of the symptoms, I also recently almost lost my new puppy, a blue healer aussie sheperd mix to the same thing on a trip over Christmas. Fortunately the vet who treated Boo had the foresight to ask if I used any hartz products because several of his clients had lost pets due to poisoning in this manner. I have since stopped using all hartz products and since I have documented medical evidence, I am considering legal action against hartz over the death of my best friend Rommel.

Lubbock, Texas

Class action Lawsuit?

Unfortuantely no one told me the affects of Hartz flea medicine. I’m college student and saw that it was so much cheaper than Advantage so I got it. The first time I used it in Dec. 2003 my cat went into seizures and had to be rushed to emergency costing me hundreds of dollars. I thought for sure she was gone. I found out today by my roommate that there was a lawsuit out and that I could possible sue because I have documentation on this. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this and finding out more info? I would greatly appreciate it! It disgusts me to find that this has happened so much and that it’s still available in stores. Thank you.

My cat started shaking

On Dec 28 2005 I applied the first of three flea and tick drops to my 2 yr old cat princess. Then on Jan 2 2006 I applied the Hartz flea and tick spray. Within an hour of application me cats ear started twitching. I thought nothing of it as I had not seen this web page or hear of any of these listed horror stories of animal poisoning, I just thought she may have had a flea inside her ear. I continued to watch her through the night. I noticed that the shaking was getting worse. Then next day I couldn’t find her anywhere so that?s when I started to panic. When I finally found her she was on her backside having what I thought to be a seizure. Immediately I took her to the vet, that?s when I found out me cat had been poisoned. Princess had to stay there from 10am – 4pm for observation. She also needed to get a shot to fight off the deadly poison. As soon as I got home I removed the flea collar off my 1 yr old black lab/pit-bull for fear of infection from Hartz as well. Both animals had to be bathed to wash any chemicals that may still be on their coats from the Hartz products. Both animals seem to be doing fine now, I can’t stress how lucky I was to have found this information on the web as I will be letting everyone I know that may even think of using these products to “STAY AWAY YOUR ANIMALS LIVES DEPEND ON IT!”

From a former veterinary assistant

I am please to see a forum like this on the web.

I worked in the veterinary industry for five years. I worked at both general and specialty practices. And I saw my far share of cats and kittens that became ill from Hartz Flea and Tick Control. I know that no one like fleas and ticks. Seeing your pet scratch and chew and itch. It is also unfortunatey that products which are “safe” (not to suggest they are purfect) like Advantage, Frontline, and Program are so expensive. However, the expense of vet bills and possibly a loss of a pet is much more than those Flea and Tick Products you can get from the vet. If you are concidering using a new product on your pet whether it be a vitamin, flea and tick control, food, really any thing call your local vet they are typically really nice knowlegable people who care about your pets also read the warning labels on the products. Hartz for Dogs really is just for dogs and a lot of cats that have reactions were in advertently given the dog product and on the cat product. My point is yes veterinarians are expensive and yes sometimes you can feel overwhelms but they are their for you (the phone calls are free too!)

Hartz Strikes again on my dog

I wish I would of seen this website before I gave Hartz flea control to my dog. He was a 6 year old Saint Bernard. I could not figure out what was wrong with him. He would not eat or drink. We visited the vet several times and had blood work done. Finially the bloodwork showed a high toxicity level. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what was poisioning my Dog. Finially I told my vet that I used Hartz drops on him and he said that the medicine poisioned him. He said he has seen it on several dogs and cats. I had to put him to sleep because his kidneys shut down and he was having seizures. I could not stand to see him suffer. Two days before Christmas is not a good time for a death especially when I have 2 children that have lost there buddy. It was a sad time for all of us. Never again will I use anything without contacting our vet.

Sparland, Illinois