I hate hartz

i purchased the flea/tick treatment for my cat and put in on her.
when i woke in the morning she was convulsing. i rushed her to the vet and
they bathed her several times to get it off, but too much had soaked into
the skin from the time i gave her a dose to the time i got her to the vet.
she was on intravaneous fluids for 2 days and thank goodness she recovered.
i hate hartz, they almost claimed my baby over some crap that is sold
legally in the stores. it just makes me cringe when i hear a advertisement for
them. they should be ashamed. i have spread the word by mouth. do not purchase anything with the name “hartz”.

and of course, i did not even try to recover my
expense at the vet for the problem that they caused. if they continue to sell such a “TOXIC” product i doubt seriously that they would be concerned about paying the vet bill for a product of theres that almost KILLED my baby.
they should be out of business!
barbie moallankamp
columbia illinois

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