well hes gone

well charlie died night before last he was gone so fast. that we or dieing in side. and hartz call me yester day. just after we brought him home. and berid him. i can tell you i have never been so mad. the woman on the orther line was well i say a bbbbbb. she begin to say sorry first. and that was ok but them she said shhe wanted to know were charlie was and they would have to have his body . and i would have to dug him up.i told her i would not dig him up!what are they thinkingshe said they would have to do altopsic on him. and i said and i well get him back and she said nothing but well i well be sending someone out to get the dog, as if he was nothing . but he is one of us like or son and my sick sons best friend. she did not ask but told me that they were takeing my charlie. well that was it i told them about finding this site and reading all and h had had wormer form them and fea stuff. and on the box there were no warning’s on the box and i did not want anything but i felt that if you have to put warning on smoke that i couod not see way there is none on pet things’. even if you to get your on med form durg store that there or warning on them. she said that the food and durg bord as passes all there stuff as safe. aqnd they wanted charlies body now. and i told her were to go. i can not belive that you pets have no rights . they say you can go to jail if you hurt you pets but hartz can sell things to kill them and its ok ! humm and were do i live !!!! karen

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