My 8 year old dog, Buddy began having seizures after we had used the Hartz flea and tick spray on him. The seizures did not occur until after 2 weeks of using the product. He is a healthy dog and we’ve never had to take him to the Vet except for shots, or once for stitches when he cut his leg open on a fence.

When he had the first seizure, immediately after my mother took him to the vet. We were told there was nothing wrong with Buddy health wise and were given a $180 bill for nothing. A week after the first seizure, we used Hartz flea and tick drops on the dog. Two weeks later: another seizure. He would have a seizure once every three weeks. In total: he had 4 seizures. It did not occur to me that the Hartz products were the cause of these incidents until one night; I was looking online at home remedies to rid your house of fleas. Many people were posting things saying their animals died from Hartz, went crazy, or had seizures. It was very scary for me to see my dog go through these seizures and to know that I could have been the cause of them killed me. I wish I would have known before I used these products.

There is no proof that Hartz did this, but after reading everyone?s stories it is all too coincidental. I believe Hartz was the culprit. After we stopped using the Hartz products, Buddy no longer suffered from these seizures. I assume the toxins had left his body.

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