I would have thought this site was crazy…

..if I had visited it prior to Sunday.

I drove 12 hours to my mothers house to pick up my new English Mastiff puppy (11 weeks old). I picked him up on Friday and had a great weekend with him. He was very sociable and an extremely pleasant puppy. On Saturday I bathed him with Hartz 2 in 1 Rid Flea Conditioning Shampoo as it was the only dog shampoo my mother had in the house. Sunday morning prior to my departure for home I awoke to my puppy having a full blown seizure. I’m not talking about a few tremors, this was the foaming mouth, rolling eyes, poop all over yourself kind of seizure.

I toweled him off, contacted a Vet and the Breeder. The breeder had not seen any of this type of behavior in any of his puppies, and my mother (who had him for a week prior to my arrival) reported nothing but great health.

The puppy perked back up and we assumed (wrongly) that the puppy was ok, and maybe had eaten something and had a reaction. We departed and began our drive home, which ended up being the worst trip I have ever made. I had to watch my new friend suffer through 7 more seizures on the trip home. By the time he had his second one of the day, I was too far from my mothers to turn back, and so had to continue. I spoke with 3 different emergency vet clinics on my cell phone and FINALLY one suggested a bath after I informed him of the flea bath the puppy had already received.

Upon arrival at my home last night, my wife and I scrubbed him down to get all the Hartz off him, (he had another seizure during the bath) and he hasn’t had another in the last 15 hours. He is at the vet under observation now. I only hope that he is ok.

I cannot honestly say that the shampoo caused this. There could be other factors, but I will have more of an answer today, and the Vet assures us that the shampoo is the most likely cause. It is unfortunate that this information is not more widely distributed to educate animal lovers out there so more of us don’t unintentionaly harm our friends.

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