Hamster Food

I believe I have had some bad experiences with Hartz products in the past. I didn?t even realize it until just now after coming across this site. When I was younger my parents always allowed me to have pets. My pet of choice for years was hamsters (I probably had about nine over the course of several years). However, every time I would get a hamster, it would die within weeks. I was puzzled ? hamsters were supposed to live for a few years, and I took great care of them, so what was going wrong? At one time, I even had two hamsters at the same time in separate cages, and they both died on the same day. However, being young, I wasn?t all that concerned ? I would just get another one. The last two hamsters I had – I, for some reason, decided to try a different brand of food. And, lo and behold, they both lived YEARS. I don’t have any official evidence that they did die because of the food, but it is awfully suspicious, isn’t it?

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