Hartz flea drops

I have 4 cats, I could not afford the Advantage drops like I normally could. So I went to Hartz at Walmart. I did all four cats and I used half a dose. I almost lost one of my cats, she began to get unresponant, puples where dialated, she wouldnt eat or drink and her breathing was shallow. Her body was limp. At first I didnt know what was wrong with her. I called the vet and to my amazment it was the Hartz drops. It was a lucky thing I only used half a dose or I would of lost her. Her age is 2 years. I dont think it is localized with just pets under 10 lb or kittens. Because she was neither. I have a hard time believeing it has taken so long for them to pull this product off the shelves. I cant wait to walk into my neighborhood walmart and see them gone. Please pass the word, I have to everyone I know who has pets. thank you for your site…. Angel

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