texas steele

On Sept. 07, 2004 my friend a red mini dachshund named Rommel succumbed to poisoning by hartz flea and tick shampoo. Since my vet was dumbfounded I was not aware that this was the cause. The signs were loss of appetite and energy, diahrhea, and internal bleeding. As a result of my ignorance of the symptoms, I also recently almost lost my new puppy, a blue healer aussie sheperd mix to the same thing on a trip over Christmas. Fortunately the vet who treated Boo had the foresight to ask if I used any hartz products because several of his clients had lost pets due to poisoning in this manner. I have since stopped using all hartz products and since I have documented medical evidence, I am considering legal action against hartz over the death of my best friend Rommel.

Lubbock, Texas

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