My cat started shaking

On Dec 28 2005 I applied the first of three flea and tick drops to my 2 yr old cat princess. Then on Jan 2 2006 I applied the Hartz flea and tick spray. Within an hour of application me cats ear started twitching. I thought nothing of it as I had not seen this web page or hear of any of these listed horror stories of animal poisoning, I just thought she may have had a flea inside her ear. I continued to watch her through the night. I noticed that the shaking was getting worse. Then next day I couldn’t find her anywhere so that?s when I started to panic. When I finally found her she was on her backside having what I thought to be a seizure. Immediately I took her to the vet, that?s when I found out me cat had been poisoned. Princess had to stay there from 10am – 4pm for observation. She also needed to get a shot to fight off the deadly poison. As soon as I got home I removed the flea collar off my 1 yr old black lab/pit-bull for fear of infection from Hartz as well. Both animals had to be bathed to wash any chemicals that may still be on their coats from the Hartz products. Both animals seem to be doing fine now, I can’t stress how lucky I was to have found this information on the web as I will be letting everyone I know that may even think of using these products to “STAY AWAY YOUR ANIMALS LIVES DEPEND ON IT!”

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