Hartz 3-In-1 flea drops nearly killed my dog.

I used Hartz flea drops for three summers. Within ten days of every application, my dog “Buster” suffered a severe grand mal seizure. I took him to two different veterinarians who performed hundreds of dollars in tests, and neither felt the flea drops were causing the seizures. So stupid me, I continued using this poison and my dog’s seizures got a little worse every time. One day I was getting some work done on my car and something told me to walk down to the local pet store while I was waiting. I struck up a conversation with the pet store owner and eventually the conversation got to the seizures my dog was having. She asked me if I had used the Hartz flea drops on my dog. When I told her that I had, she told me to stop using them immediately. I did stop using them, and it has been over a year and my dog has not had another seizure (he was having at least two a month). I thank GOD for telling me to walk into that pet store. If anyone knows of a class-action lawsuit being brought against the Hartz Corporation for expenses incurred as a result of using this product, please contact me. And F.Y.I., I have been giving my dog one 300 mg tablet of garlic every day for a year now, and he has not had a single flea found on him!
T.L. Rader, Keokuk, IA

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