Oh the irony!

SO I have just spent the last 3 months nursing my cat back to health from a leg fracture, head abrasions, and the loss of the tip of his tongue ( he also had been shot with a pellet gun) and I have spent way to much money at the vets and to save money- I purchased Hartz at the local KMart rather than my usual Revolution at the veteranarians. $30 vs $5 right?
After dosing Linton this morning I decided to check on the ingredients of Hartz as I noticed it was phenothrin- WOW.
I currently can not find my cat and I am picturing him seizing under a bush or something.
Jeez. Of course he will get a bath as soon as I find him. I will call KMart as soon as they open to let them know to remove any of this product that is left.
Linton’s Mom

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