From a former veterinary assistant

I am please to see a forum like this on the web.

I worked in the veterinary industry for five years. I worked at both general and specialty practices. And I saw my far share of cats and kittens that became ill from Hartz Flea and Tick Control. I know that no one like fleas and ticks. Seeing your pet scratch and chew and itch. It is also unfortunatey that products which are “safe” (not to suggest they are purfect) like Advantage, Frontline, and Program are so expensive. However, the expense of vet bills and possibly a loss of a pet is much more than those Flea and Tick Products you can get from the vet. If you are concidering using a new product on your pet whether it be a vitamin, flea and tick control, food, really any thing call your local vet they are typically really nice knowlegable people who care about your pets also read the warning labels on the products. Hartz for Dogs really is just for dogs and a lot of cats that have reactions were in advertently given the dog product and on the cat product. My point is yes veterinarians are expensive and yes sometimes you can feel overwhelms but they are their for you (the phone calls are free too!)

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